Paradise Community Concert Band



Article 1

The Paradise Community Concert Band is hereby organized and shall hereafter be referred to as the aforementioned title or as the Community Band.

Article 2

The purpose of the Community Band is to provide a leisure-time recreational activity for community musicians; to maintain growth and development of the music culture of our community; to offer concerts and performances by request on national and local celebrations and observances and other occasions as deemed appropriate by the Community Band Director, Executive Board, and members.

Article 3

The Community Band shall be a nonprofit, self-governing organization composed of community citizens, professional and non-professional musicians, who shall make Rules and Procedures (1) governing the duties of the members of the Executive Committee; (2) governing membership in the Community Band; (3) governing attendance requirements of members; (4) governing conduct of business affairs; (5) establishing minimum dues, if  any, for purposes of incidental expenses, such as music or equipment purchases, or as otherwise deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.  Rules and Procedures (not be limited to those listed above) shall be adopted by a majority vote of the Executive Committee and submitted to the membership for ratification by majority vote at the general band meeting.  Amendments, additions, or changes shall be submitted at each quarterly meeting as necessary thereafter.

Article 4

In the event of dissolution of the Community Band, all music, equipment, and funds shall become the property of the Paradise Unified School District. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to maintain an inventory of the aforementioned items.

Article 5

The following officers shall be elected and form the Executive Committee by majority vote of members present at the general band meeting, and at subsequent annual meetings to be held each September:  Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, Public Relations, Publicity, Quartermaster, Librarian, and two Members-at-Large.  The Director and Assistant Director are ex-officio members.  The term of office for each of the aforementioned shall be one year. The written names of suggested persons to serve on the Nominating Committee shall be solicited from Community Band members.  A Nominating Committee of three members will be appointed by the Chairman, who will select from the suggested names.  Nominations for officers will be submitted to the Community Band members at least one rehearsal prior to the elections meeting.

Article 6

Business at Executive Committee meetings shall be conducted only if at least five members are present.  Actions must be approved by a majority of officers present.

Article 7

Election of officers, adoption of Rules and Procedures, and adoption of amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws shall be by majority vote of Community Band members present, provided there are at least five Executive Committee members and twelve additional Community Band members present.  Matters under consideration must be approved by majority vote of all present.

Article 8

The Executive Committee shall meet no less than quarterly to conduct the business of the Community Band.  They shall also meet for special sessions as called by the Chairman.  Members may request special matters for consideration by the Executive Committee as follows: requests to be made by at least three members, in writing outlining the request, and signed by those making the requests.  Meetings are to be open for all members to attend.

Article 9

All persons currently participating in the Community Band shall be considered as voting members simply by submitting their names to the roster.


1. All donations, earnings, or any other monetary income will be deposited into the Community Band's checking account at the Bank of the West in Paradise within six days of receipt.  All checks written shall have two signatures of authorization:  that of the secretary-treasurer, and either the chairman or one of the Executive Committee members.

2. The Musical Director/Conductor will be selected by majority vote of the Executive Committee.  The term shall be negotiable and can be terminated by resignation or by termination by the Executive Committee, with reasonable notification.  This position of Director will be without financial compensation.

3. All performance positions in the Community Band are of equal importance.  It shall be the Director's responsibility and prerogative to move players within the band, as needed, to achieve a better performance level.

4. All members of the Community Band are encouraged to attend rehearsals and performances on time and strive, as team members, for a good attendance record.

5. Personal practice of band literature is encouraged in order to achieve the highest potential for each individual and the band as a whole. It is required that all band literature and folders be at every rehearsal and performance, even if the band member is not in attendance.

6. As of January 2006, the Paradise Park and Recreation District agrees to provide rehearsal facilities, storage, and custodial services free of charge in return for performances by the Community Band of several summer concerts, which will be sponsored by the Paradise Park and Recreation District.

In witness thereof:

Carol Stephens
  Patty Smith
Publicity, Member at Large
Louise Casey
  Art Layton
Public Relations
John Hale
Head Quartermaster
  Joyce Crankshaw
Head Librarian
Bill Shrum
Member at Large

Dated           2008

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